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Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airpark is a small south-german Airport, located 25mi from the City of Karlsruhe, and close to Baden-Baden. It’s more famous for the Industrial Area at the Airport, than the Airport itself, which is served by Low-Cost Budget Airlines as well as Air Hamburg and the German Air Rescue ( DRF - Luftrettung ) Helicopter Fleet. FKB is also interesting for General Aviation and Scenery enthusiasts, located next to the Rhine river and the Mountain range of the Black-Forest the Scenery around Karlsruhe looks awesome. From there you can get easily to the surrounding Airfields, such as Speyer, Herrenteich and more, easily navigable thanks to the Rhine which flows along side all these Airfields.

  • Full custom airport
  • 4k resolution textures with PBR
  • Accurate modeling and texturing
  • Ground layout based on 2022
  • High-Resolution Orthophotos
  • Custom Mesh
  • Custom 3d grass